Redken Acidic Color Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner 300ml, Colour Protection Routine for Glass-Like Shine

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ACIDIC pH FORMULA SEALS THE CUTICLE LOCKING IN COLOR VIBRANCY AND SHINE FOR UP TO 16 WASHES WHEN USING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER Image 2, HOW TO USE ACIDIC COLOR GLOSS 1. SHAMPOO & RINSE. 2. APPLY TREATMENT TO TOWEL-DRIED HAIR FROM MID-LENGTHS TO REDKEN acidic color gloss ENDS* MINUTES. LEAVE ON FOR 5 PH ADVANCED RINSE. 35-4.5 TECHNOLOGY 3. APPLY CONDITIONER FROM MID-LENGTHS TO ENDS TO LOCK IN MOISTURE. RINSE. 4. SPRAY LEAVE-IN LIBERALLY TO DAMP HAIR, THEN STYLE. Image 3, BEFORE AFTER BOOST COLOR VIBRANCY FOR UP TO 16 WASHES USING ACIDIC COLOR GLOSS SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER Image 4, REDKEN REDKEN REDKEN REDKEN 1 2 3 4 CLEANSE GLOSS CONDITION LEAVE-IN & PROTECT Image 5, LOVE COLOR EXTEND MAGNETICS? TRY NEW ACIDIC COLOR GLOSS LEVEL UP YOUR COLOR-CARE & ACTIVATE GLASS-LIKE SHINE REDKEN color extend magnetics REDKEN color extend magnetics conditioner REDKEN acidic color gloss gespoe REDKEN acidic color gloss code PH PH 5.0-5.6 3.5-4.5 PH 5.0-5.6 ADICTO PH 3.5-4.5 300 image 6, glass like shine for up to 3 days. before and after. look ceeatedusing redken SEQ (redken salon only service) and acidic color gloss. consumer test using acidic colour gloss system. image 7, customer review = life changing, i dye my hair regularly due to colour fading so fast using other shampoos. however, this has maintained my colour and if nythning made it look more vibrant and glossy than before. received the product to try from marie claire beauty drawer, feb 2024.

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