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Real Techniques Miracle Concealer Sponge

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Image 1, learn to play the angles, revolutionary latex free foam technology for evenly blended concealer. flat edge perfectly sets tight areas. rounded side elongated oblong shape optimal control. made with soft, latex-free foam 100% vegan and cruelty free. precision tip dual fine point ends for easy concealing the tiniest areas. image 2, miracle concealer sponge, conceal and glow for a naturally lifted finish. wet to prep - expands and softens the sponge for a more natural blend. pore like texture mimics skin. multi purpose foam technology works with liquids, creams and powders. damp use for a light, dewy finish. image 3, miracle concealer sponge features an elongated oblong shape that allows for more control in tighter areas. how to use - flat side perfectly hugs and blends under eyes. use the pointed tip to effortlessly hide blemishes. made with the same latex-free foam as our number 1 miracle complexion sponge. image 4, miracle concealer sponge. conceal and cover. coverage = buildable. finish = natural, dewy and seamless. image 5, makeup sponge care. miracle complexion sponge. miracle airblend sponge. miracle powder sponge. miracle concealer sponge. cleanse - clean once a week using the real techniques brush and sponge cleansing gel. air dry in a well ventilated area and store in a cool dry place. replace - replace every 30 days to maintain clean, flawless makeup application. image 6, makeup sponges and brushes. take care of your real techniques tools in 2 steps. rinse after every use to keep fresh and prevent build up. cleanse once a week to remove makeup, oil and impurities. use the real techniques makeup brush and blending sponge gel to clean your brushes and sponges weekly.

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