Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream 50ml

  • Vegan
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Image 1, TFC8 The potent ingredients behind The Rich Cream That Works TFC8* creates an optimal environment for the body's innate processes of repair and renewal. хся Vitamin E Powerfully supports barrier function to optimize hydration levels while protecting the complexion from environmental aggressors. Evening Primrose Oil Reduces moisture loss and nourishes with essential fatty acids, for strong, soothed, radiant skin. Argan Oil Packed with nourishing fatty acids, to rebuild skin's lipid layer and prevent water loss. Hyaluronic Acid Attracts and retains moisture for plump. fresh, intensely hydrated skin. Avocado Oil Sinks in fast to instantly nourish and hydrate with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, for soft, supple, strong skin. Image 2, the rich cream clinically proven results forehead wrinkles visibly reduced by 37% crows feet wrinkles visibly reduced by 54% skin firmness and elastcity are improved by 36% Image 3, AB Augustinus Bader Reduction in the appearance of pores and age spots Reduction in marionette lines BEFORE AFTER 12 WEEKS

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